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Nintendo DS / NDS Lite Multi Game Cartridges

Mario Mix DS Multicart

Do to recent reduction in the price of memory chips we are able to offer DS cartridges that hold 110 Memory Blocks for games. Smallest DS games need 1 Memory Block and the larger ones need 2, 4, 8 and the largerst reaquire 16. So in theory you can have 110 games on the cart, but in most cases it is about 25-in-1. And there are more good new - You are able to pick the games you want to see on the multicart.

NDS multi store - specializes in custumised Nintendo DS / NDS Lite and DSi multi game cartridge that are manufactured with the game titles that you - the customer can select. DS Multi-Game Cards...


3ds multi game

New 3DS multi game cartridges in stock. These carts are pre-flashed with the latest games and come at a bargain price! They are compatible with 3DS, 3DS XL, DSi and regular Nintendo DS consoles from all regions. Games are all full versions and the same quality as a single game cart. Multiplayer and internet connections work as they normally would. In addition there is an option to select cheats for the game to make it easier if you like. Multiple save game profiles for each game are available making it safe to share the cart with your friends or siblings without messing up your game progress.  • View 3DS Multi-Game Cartridges (multicarts™) »

Nintendo DS multi game card

NDS cartridges with multiple full version games inside one card are called NDS multicarts. They offer considerable savings to customers as all the hardware is used for multiple files and only the memory is larger than that of a DS single game cart.


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